Eric Gordon

I came to the heteropteran systematics lab at Riverside during the summer of 2012 to begin work on my Ph. D. Before that, I received a Bachelors of Science in Entomology and Microbiology at Cornell University in May of 2012.

My research is currently focused on systematics and revision of two subfamilies of termite-specialist assassin bugs, the Sphaeridopinae and Salyavatinae. Recent morphological evidence suggests that the neotropical Sphaeridopinae may be sister to the only neotropical genus of Salyavatinae and casts doubt on the monophyly of these two subfamilies (Weirauch 2008). We hope to resolve this question through a combined morphological and molecular phylogeny of these taxa. You can read a blog post about these termite assassins here! In addition, I am conducting research on bacterial symbionts in a range of Heteroptera including Triatominae, Largidae and Miroidea. 


Revision of Termite Assassins

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Curriculum Vitae