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PBI project on Plant Bugs

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Reduviidae Literature

Key to Subfamilies of Reduviidae

Systematic Catalog of Reduviidae

Reduviidae Literature



Locality database of the PBI project

Miridae Online Systematic catalog

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Galerie der Wanzen

Heteroptera of Slovenia

Hemiptera in the Swedish Museum of Natural History, Stockholm



Wolfgang Rabitsch

David Rider

Andrej Gogala

The Finnish Expert Group on Hemiptera

Hetnews - True Bugs of the British Isles

International Heteropterists Society


Natural History Museums - Reduviidae Collections (including type depositories)

Hemiptera in the Swedish Museum of Natural History, Stockholm

Museum National d’Histoire Naturelle, Paris.

The Natural History Museum, London.

American Museum of Natural History, New York, Invertebrate Zoology Type Specimens.

Smithonian National Museum of Natural History, Washington D.C., Entomology Collections.

Museum fuer Naturkunde, Berlin.

Das Naturhistorische Museum Wien, Vienna.

Los Angeles County Museum, Los Angeles

The Academy of Natural Sciences Philadelphia (ANSP)

Ohio State University

CIBC: Center for Biological Collections at UCR


Keys to Heteropteran Taxa

Key to the Heteroptera of Australia (Lucid key)


Phylogenetics Software/Programs

CIPRES - Cyberinfrastructure for Phylogenetic Research

Bodega Applied Phylogenetics Wiki 


Molecular Techniques

Interpreting chromatograms - San Diego State Uni. 



Other Hemiptera

DrMetcalf - A comprehensive online resource for Sternorrhyncha and Auchenorrhyncha

Auchenorrhyncha Keys (Australian taxa)


Grants/Fellowships in Biodiversity/Entomology/Field Explorations/Taxonomy

Smithsonian fellowships for graduate, predoctoral and postdoctoral students 

Short Term Fellowships & A. Stanley Rand Fellowship Program

Earl. S. Tupper 3-Year Postdoctoral Fellowship 

Center for Tropical Forest Science

American Philosophical Society - Lewis & Clark Fund for Exploration and Field Research

Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund

The Systematics Association