News from the Bug Lab

December 2019 Paul Masonick defended his PhD! Congrats Paul!

December 2019 Dr. Wei Song Hwang visited to assist with the large phylogeny of Reduviidae.

December 2019 Dr. Dimitri Forero arrived for a 5 month Fulbright Fellowship to work on Apiomerus.

November 2019 Christiane and Sam made a trip to Panama to collect and observe Reduviidae.

October 2019 Paul and Sam made a trip to Cameroon to collect and observe Reduviidae.

August 2019 Fulbright scholar Flávio Albuquerque arrived for a 9 month fellowship in our lab. Welcome Flávio!

June 2019 Paul Masonick received the van den Bosch scholarship.

January 2019 Alex started as a post-doc on the Reduviidae project.

November 2018 Alex defended his PhD. Congrats!

October 2018 Paul and Sam each made trips to visit the AMNH and USNM.

September 2018 Comparative morphology of male genitalic structures in Dipsocoromorpha in Journal of Morphology.

May 2018 Stephanie received an Honorable Mention from the Ford Grant. Congrats!

January 2018 Our publication describing a new species of Schizopteridae from Costa Rica, Meganannus lewisi was published!

November 2017 Most of the lab attended the annual meeting of the Entomological Society of America in Denver, CO.

October 2017 Christiane went on a 6 week trip to attend the Dresden meeting and collect in Borneo.

September 2017 First annual lab field trip, to Arizona! It was fun, but some got bitten by scorpions :))

August 2017 Sam Smith, a new PhD student working on Emesinae, arrives at UCR!

July 2017 Our lab gained 3 new members! Welcome Stephanie Castillo (our new PhD student), Nallely Centeno Armenta (our NICE NRT summer undergrad) and Sile Du (our 6 month visiting student from China)!

May 2017 Christiane was awarded the 2017 Doctoral Dissertation Advisor/Mentoring Award! Congrats Christiane!

April 2017 The phylogeny of Schizoptera has been published!

April 2017 Paul received the Herbert Kraft Scholarship and Alex received the Dr. Mir S. Mulla & Leila Mulla Endowed Scholarship Fund. Congrats guys!

April 2017 Paul received a $1500 UC Mexus travel grant to travel to Mexico this summer to collect Phymata. Congrats Paul!

December 2016 Our publications on the the enigmatic African assassin bug genus Xenocaucus, and Neotropical Hypselosomatinae have been published!

December 2016 The Heteropteran Systematics Lab @ UCR is looking for a new PhD student (starting fall 2017) who would be part of a research team investigating the evolutionary history of Reduvioidea, the assassin bugs. Candidates with strong background in systematic entomology and phylogenetics are preferred. Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  for more information (please attach your CV) and check UCR Entomology for details on application procedures. 

November 2016 The phylogeny of Schizoptera has been accepted.

November 2016 Our Schizoptera (Odontorhagus) revision is published! Stay tuned for our papers on Oriental Physoderinae, the enigmatic African assassin bug genus Xenocaucus, and Neotropical Hypselosomatinae, which are all in press!

October 2016 Our Largidae symbiont paper is published!

October 2016 Alex attended a 2 week workshop on Anchored Hybrid Enrichment in Tallahassee, FL.

October 2016 Christiane, Alex, Eric, Paul, and Sarah attended the ECN and ICE meetings in Orlando, FL.

September 2016 Carlos Rosas joined our lab as a new PhD student through UCMEXUS here to study Miridae. Welcome Carlos!

August 2016 The Chinannus book is published! Here is the press release.

July 2016 Our new paper on Australian "toothbrush plant bugs" is out!

July 2016 Check out our combined morphological and molecular analysis and maternal care of resin bugs here. And the plant bug/plant host area of endemism paper is here

July 2016 The Zelus monograph is published! And here a press release covering this study.

June 2016 Exciting undergrad research projects ahead this summer: welcome to Madison Hernadez who will work on reduviid predator-prey associations! Alec (kissing bug niche models), Anna (kissing bug hosts), and Christy and Jacob (schizopterid systematics) will continue with their projects.

June 2016 Our two taxonomic monographs on the reduviid genus Zelus and the schizopterid genus Chinannus are in press!

May 2016 Paul was award a Shipley Skinner award to conduct gut metabaroding analyses on "generalist" species of assassin bugs to investigate prey ranges.

May 2016 Three new papers from our lab are in press: an area of endemism of North America using a dataset of >1,300 species of Miridae, a taxonomic revision of the new Australian phyline genus Protemiris, and a combined morphological and molecular phylogenetic analysis of the resin bug tribe Apiomerini.

May 2016 Christiane, together with Amy Litt (Botany & Plant Sciences) and John Heraty (Entomology) were award a Collaborative Seed Grant from RED "Unlocking the vault of Southern California Biota" to explore integrate biological collections and next-gen sequencing methods.

March 2016 Michael defended his dissertation and earned a PhD! Congrats Michael! We wish you luck at your post doc at UFL!.

March 2016 Stephanie defended her thesis and earned a MS! Congrats Stephanie! We wish you luck at your new job at the Archbold Biological Station in Florida!.

November 2015 Christiane, Michael, and Paul attended ESA in Minneapolis. Micheal earned a first place award in the the Student Competition for the President's Prize for his 10-min oral presentation.

September 2015 Christiane and Alex attended the 7th Dresden Meeting on Insect Phylogeny.

September 2015 Sarah Frankenberg joined our lab as a new masters student who will be conducting research on Schizopteridae. Welcome Sarah!

June 2015 Christiane, Alex, and Paul attended the Hemipteroid Insect Phylogenetics (HIP) Workshop at the University of Illinois.

May 2015 Eric was awarded the Dr. Mir S. Mulla & Leila Mulla Endowed Scholarship Fund. Congrats Eric!

April 2015 Stephanie visited Montana State University for one week to sort samples for Dipsocoromorpha.

April 2015 Paul earned an Honorable Mention for his NSF-GRFP. Congrats Paul!!!

December 2014 The Reduviid Subfamily Key was published.

November 2014 Christiane, Alex, Stephanie, Eric, Michael, Paul and Filipe attended the ESA and ECN meetings in Portland, OR.

October 2014 Christiane, Alex, and Stephanie collected Dipsocoromorpha in Costa Rica for 18 days.

September 2014 Christiane and Stephanie traveled to British Colombia to collect Dipsocoromorpha for 3 days.

September 2014 Alex visited the British Museum of Natural History for 7 days to image types of Dipsocoromorpha and organize a loan.

July 2014 Christiane, Michael, Eric, Alex, Stephanie, Kim, Junxia, Leonidas and Rochelle attended and presented at the IHS quadrennial meeting at the USNM. Michael and Eric received Annemarie & Nils Moller-Andersen Travel Awards to attend. And Stephanie won 2nd place in student talk competition.

July 2014 Michael visited BMNH for a couple of days to image type specimens.

July 2014 Paul Masonick, a new masters student who will be conducting research on Phymata, arrived. Welcome Paul!

July 2014 Leonidas-Romanos Davranoglou visited from Greece to conduct research on Physoderes.

June 2014 The Heteroptera Systematics and Hymenoptera Systematics labs hosted a ADBC data mining workshop at UCR.

May 2014 Christiane went on a 2 week collecting trip to Argentina with the Hymenoptera Systematics lab.

April 2014 Eric won the NSF-GRFP! Congratulations Eric!!!

March 2014 Stephanie visited the USNM for one week to organize specimens of Schizopteridae.

January 2014 Christiane taught at a course in Ghana.

November 2013 Christiane, Michael, Eric, Alex, Stephanie, Kim, Thereza, Amy and Sarah attended the ECN annual meeting and presented at the ESA annual conference. Michael co-organized a very successful symposium on field collecting techniques for biodiversity surveys and won 1st place the Student Competition for the President's Prize for his 10-min oral presentation. Eric was a member of the UCR Linnaean Team that won the National competition.

October 2013 Junxia Zhang joined our lab as a post-doc to work on our reduviid transcriptome project. Welcome Junxia!

September-October 2013 Christiane visited several museums in Europe to gather specimens of Dipsocoromorpha and Reduviidae.

October 2013 Visiting graduate students, Kim Ribeiro Barão and Thereza de A. Garbelotto, from the Federal University in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil will be visiting to learn about phylogenetics. Welcome!

August-September 2013 Christiane, Eric, Michael and John (Hymenoptera Systematics Lab) went on a 3 1/2 week collecting trip to Cameroon.

August 2013 Alexander Knyshov joined our lab as a Ph.D. graduate student. Welcome Alex!

July 2013 Christiane, John, and Austin (Hymenoptera Systematics Lab) went on a collecting trip to Trinidad for 14 days to collect Reduviidae, Dipsocoromorpha, and parasitic Hymenoptera.

July 2013 Stephanie Leon joined our lab as a master's student. Congrats!

May 2013 Rochelle Hoey-Chamberlain joined our lab as a Lab Assistant.

May 2013 Eric and Michael attended the Biological Specimen Informatics Short Course at the American Museum of Natural History in New York. They also used their visit to work on the Reduviidae within the collection.

May 2013 Michael was awarded the UCR Dissertation Research Grant and Outstanding Teaching Assistant award.

April-May 2013 Christiane, Michael, and Jason (Hymenoptera Systematics Lab) went on a collecting trip to Honduras for 18 days to collect Reduviidae, Dipsocoromorpha, and parasitic Hymenoptera.

March 2013 Eric received an honorable mention from the National Science Foundation's Graduate Research Fellowship Program.

December 2012 Wei Song and Guanyang defended their dissertation research and successfully received their Doctorate. Michael passed his qualifying exams and advanced to Ph.D. Candidate. Great job guys!

November 2012 Christiane, Eric, and Michael attended and presented their research at the 60th Annual Entomological Society of America Meeting in Knoxville, TN.

September 2012 Wei Song (PhD student) and Christiane published a paper on the evolutionary history of assassin bugs in PloS ONE.

August 2012 Christiane and Michael attend the International Congress of Entomology in South Korea and spent a week collecting bugs (and trying to avoid 2 typhoons that hit South Korea during that time).

July 2012 Graduate student Guanyang Zhang won a van den Bosch Scholarship in Biological Control (for the category systematics of natural enemies).

June 2012 Graduate student Guanyang Zhang won the Don Rosen Award at the 31st Willi Hennig Society meeting for his poster presentation.

June 2012 The Heteropteran and Hymenopteran labs organized and attended the 31st Willi Hennig Society meeting at Riverside.

April 2012 Michael Forthman (PhD student) and Christiane published a paper on the predatory behaviors of the millipede assassin bugs (Ectrichodiinae) in the European Journal of Entomology.

December 2011 Christiane had a field trip in Peru.

November 2011 The Heteroptera Lab attended and presented at the Annual Meeting of the Entomological Society of America. Michael Forthman (PhD student) won 2nd place in the SysEB student competition.

September 2011 An Environmental Biology/Biodiversity/Evolutionary Biology Job open at the National University of Singapore at the heart of tropical Southeast Asia. 

September 2011  Wei Song Hwang (PhD student) visited the Natural History Museum (London, UK) and the Muséum national d'Histoire naturelle (Paris, France) for his dissertation research.

August 2011  Guanyang Zhang (PhD student) received a van den Bosch Scholarship ($1,500) to support his travel to the 30th Willi Hennig Society Meeting in Brazil.

Augusts 2011  Wei Song Hwang and Guanyang Zhang (PhD students) attended and presented at the 30th Willi Hennig Society Meeting in Brazil. Both recieved a Marie Stopes Travel Award. 

July 2011 Dimitri Forero received an Ernst Mayr travel award in animal systematics from the Museum of Comparative Zoology to travel to Brazil to examine type specimens of Apiomerus as part of his research. 

July 2011 Christiane, with colleagues, conducted a field trip to Florida (and collected a lot of mosquito bites). 

May 2011 Graduate student Guanyang Zhang won a UCR Dissertation Research Grant. Congrats!

May 2011 Christiane Weirauch gave a talk at San Diego State University.

April 2011 Graduate students Wei Song Hwang and Gunayang Zhang both won a Dissertation Year Program Scholarship. Congrats!

April 2011 Lily Berniker defended her Master's thesis. Congrats!

December 2010 Graduate student Wei Song Hwang won an Honorable Mention in a Graduate Student 10-Minute Paper Competition in 2010 ESA Meeting. Congrats! Wei Song. 

December 2010 In the year 2010, Christiane, Wei Song, Guanyang, Lily and Dimitri published papers (with some in press) in Annual Review of EntomologyCladisticsSystematic Entomology, Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural HistoryJ. of MorphologyZootaxaInsect Systematics and Evolution (paper 12), Zoologischer AnzeigerAmerican Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygieneand Revista Colombiana de Entomologia.

November 2010 Dimitri Forero spoke as a keynote speaker at the National Zoology Congress of Colombia.

September 2010  Graduate Student Guanyang Zhang  won the second place of poster presentation in the annual graduate student seminar day at the department of Entomology, UCR. 

September 2010 Christiane, Lily and Guanyang conducted a field trip in French Guiana. 

August 2010  The Heteropteran Systematics Lab participated in an OTS Speciality Course: Biodiversity of True Bugs (Heteroptera). Christiane and Dimitri served as instructors.  

July 2010  The Heteropteran Systematics Lab attended and presented at the fourth meeting of the International Heteropterist's Society. 

June 2010  Christiane and Wei Song conducted a field trip to Brunei on the Southeast Aisan tropical island, Borneo. 

April 2010 Guanyang spent 10 weeks at the US National Museum of Natural History

April 2010 Wei Song visited the American Museum of Natural History for 2-week. 

January 2010  OTS Speciality Course: Biodiversity of True Bugs (Heteroptera)

November 2009 Dimitri had the opportunity to team up with participants of the Oonopid PBI to do field work in Ecuador.

October 2009 Christiane together with fellow hemipterists Daniel Burckhardt (Basel), Ian Millar (Pretoria), and David Ouvrard (Paris) received a Citrus Reserach Board grant for systematic research on Asian Citrus Psyllid relatives in the genus Diaphorina.

September 2009 Graduate student Lily Berniker won the second place in the Oral Presentation competition at the Annual Entomology Department Student Seminar Day.

September 2009  Our NSF-funded PEET project on Reduviidae has started - the web site is currently under construction.

August 2009 Graduate student Wei Song Hang awarded a Collection Study Grant at the American Museum of Natural History. 

August 2009 The bug and wasp labs conducted a joint field trip to East Texas.

July 2009 Check out Dimitri's and Guanyang's collecting trip to Mexico

June 2009 Undergraduate student Grace Radabaugh received a Dean's Fellowship that will allow her to work on the harpactorine genus Ulpius Stal during the summer.

June 2009 Graduate student Guanyang Zhang received a van den Bosch fellowship for his work on Zelus.

May 2009 Together with Luis Cervantes (INECOL) and Cristina Mayorga (UNAM), Christiane spent two weeks collecting bugs in Baja California Norte.