Alexander Knyshov

E-mail: aknys001(at), alexknyshov(at)

I joined the Heteropteran Systematics Lab in August 2013 as a PhD graduate student. I have received my B.S. and subsequently M.S. in St.Petersburg State University, Russia. My research focus was on taxonomy, phylogeny, distribution and host association of the tribe Orthotylini (Heteroptera: Miridae: Orthotylinae). The primary result of my work was the description of one monotypic genus from Central Asia and taxonomic revisions of two Palaearctic genera.

My current research interests are on the systematics of the family Schizopteridae (Heteroptera: Dipsocoromorpha). The taxonomic core of my study will include the revisionary projects on Afrotropical and Neotropical taxa (particularly, the revision of the Corixidea group genera) and the Dipsocoromorpha phylogeny.


My curriculum vitae (CV) can be viewed here.