Carlos Rosas

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Hi there! I joined the Heteropteran Systematics Lab in September 2016 as a PhD graduate student, supported by the UC Mexus/CONACyT fellowship.

I have a Major in Biology from the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM) where I did my research on Largidae: Largus, focusing on a taxonomic revision and updating the distribution records for Mexico. Afterwards, I worked two years as a research assistant with Dr. Harry Brailovsky (IBUNAM), reviewing some heteropteran families such as Anthocoridae, Nabidae, Cydnidae, Coreidae and Miridae.

My current research is mainly on the systematics of the subfamily Mirinae (Heteroptera: Miridae). This study will involve three main components: 1) a taxonomic revision of one or several genera, with emphasis on the Neotropical fauna; 2) a phylogeny of the subfamily Mirinae based on the analysis of combined morphological and molecular datasets; and 3) a study of the evolution of host associations across Mirinae, with emphasis on important genera which are specific plant pests.

Aside from my research interests, scientific outreach is something that constantly motivates me. In my own experience, it has been a true pleasure having the opportunity to explain to people the similarities and differences among bugs, insects, spiders, etc.; and how essential arthropods are to our world and the importance of this group as the most diverse living animals on Earth.

My curriculum vitae (CV) can be viewed here.