The suborder Heteroptera , sometimes known as True Bugs, comprises about 40,000 species in 86 families and is one of the largest groups of non-holometabolous insects. They show tremendous morphological and biological diversity; however, like other non-holometabolous insects they have attracted the attention of only a small number of researchers. True bugs are found in terrestrial, aquatic, and even marine habitats and their feeding preferences range from phytophagous to zoophagous and hematophagous, involving monophagy, mixed feeding, and parasitism.

Our lab at the University of California Riverside (UCR) focuses on systematic research in the two largest family-rank taxa within Heteroptera, the Reduviidae, or assassin bugs, and the Miridae, or plant bugs, as well as other true bugs, such as Dipsocoromorpha.

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* Current News from the Bug Lab*

July 2014 Christiane, Michael, Eric, Alex, Stephanie, Kim, Junxia, Leonidas and Rochelle attended and presented at the IHS quadrennial meeting at the USNM. Michael and Eric received Annemarie & Nils Moller-Andersen Travel Awards to attend. And Stephanie won 2nd place in student talk competition.

July 2014 Michael visited BMNH for a couple of days to image type specimens.

July 2014 Paul Masonick, a new masters student who will be conducting research on Phymata, arrived. Welcome Paul!

July 2014 Leonidas-Romanos Davranoglou visited from Greece to conduct research on Physoderes.

June 2014 The Heteroptera Systematics and Hymenoptera Systematics labs hosted a ADBC data mining workshop at UCR.

May 2014 Christiane went on a 2 week collecting trip to Argentina with the Hymenoptera Systematics lab.

April 2014 Eric won the NSF-GRFP! Congratulations Eric!!!

March 2014 Stephanie visited the USNM for one week to organize specimens of Schizopteridae.

January 2014 Christiane taught at a course in Ghana.

November 2013 Christiane, Michael, Eric, Alex, Stephanie, Kim, Thereza, Amy and Sarah attended the ECN annual meeting and presented at the ESA annual conference. Michael co-organized a very successful symposium on field collecting techniques for biodiversity surveys and won 1st place the Student Competition for the President's Prize for his 10-min oral presentation. Eric was a member of the UCR Linnaean Team that won the National competition.