Undergraduate Students

Madison Hernandez

I am a second-year student pursuing a B.S. in entomology. I joined the Heteropteran Systematics Lab in June of 2016, as part of a research program hosted for stem students. I am currently studying the diets of reduviids, with a particular interest on local assassin bugs, especially Phymata pacifica. I've always loved insects, and loved studying them (the stranger, the better), so choosing a career in the entomology field seemed like the best fit for me. 

Anna Georgieva

This is my second year at UCR, and I am currently majoring in Biology, but I hope to be switching to Neuroscience soon. I was introduced to Entomology during my Freshman Advising Seminar and I started thinking about how I could incorporate it into my interest in the medical field. I was also interested in it because looking at and studying bugs is something I have never even considered before and I thought that it would be an interesting way to expose myself to new ideas. I initially worked on georeferencing for the ABDC Project, but started research on kissing bug host detection in spring 2015. 

Michelle Ly

Hi, my name is Michelle Ly. I am a freshman, majoring in Biochemistry at UCR, and I joined the Heteropteran Systematics Lab September of 2016. As I entered college, I wanted to explore different subjects and gain new experiences, so I was excited to be a part of an entomology lab. Although I constantly get bug bites, I have always found insects fun to observe and hope to learn more about them in my time here. I am currently assisting with the Dipsocoromorpha project by databasing and processing specimen images.

Jacob Tarango

My name is Jacob Tarango and I am a fourth year entomology student. I have always had a passion for spiders, especially tarantulas and their kin. I would like to resolve several of the phylogenetic issues within the spider suborder Mygalomorphae in the future. Currently, I am working on a phylpogeny and taxonomic revision of the schizopterid genus Ptenidiophyes.