The hemipteran suborder Heteroptera, or true bugs, comprises about 40,000 species in 86 families and is one of the largest groups of non-holometabolous insects. True bugs are found in terrestrial, aquatic, and even marine habitats and their feeding preferences range from phytophagous to zoophagous and hematophagous, involving monophagy, mixed feeding, and parasitism. The group includes plant pests, beneficial species used in integrated pest management, but with the Triatominae, or kissing bugs, also powerful human disease vectors.                              

Our lab at the University of California, Riverside (UCR) focuses on systematic and evolutionary research on Reduviidae, or assassin bugs, minute litter bugs, Dipsocoromorpha, and Miridae, the plant bugs. 

Some ongoing and recent projects: 

Reduviidae PEET grantTri-trophic ADBC ProjectNSF ARTS Litter Bugs


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  Call for Phymata !!!

Read more about ongoing projects on kissing bugs

 * Current News from the Bug Lab*

October 2018 Paul and Sam each made trips to visit the AMNH and USNM.

September 2018 Comparative morphology of male genitalic structures in Dipsocoromorpha in Journal of Morphology.

May 2018 Stephanie received an Honorable Mention from the Ford Grant. Congrats!

January 2018 Our publication describing a new species of Schizopteridae from Costa Rica, Meganannus lewisi was published!

November 2017 Most of the lab attended the annual meeting of the Entomological Society of America in Denver, CO.

October 2017 Christiane went on a 6 week trip to attend the Dresden meeting and collect in Borneo.

September 2017 First annual lab field trip, to Arizona! It was fun, but some got bitten by scorpions :))

August 2017 Sam Smith, a new PhD student working on Emesinae, arrives at UCR!

July 2017 Our lab gained 3 new members! Welcome Stephanie Castillo (our new PhD student), Nallely Centeno Armenta (our NICE NRT summer undergrad) and Sile Du (our 6 month visiting student from China)!

May 2017 Christiane was awarded the 2017 Doctoral Dissertation Advisor/Mentoring Award! Congrats Christiane!