Current News from the Bug Lab

June 2023 Our lab has been award an NSF grant for "Spatial phylogenomics and diet evolution of the megadiverse plant bugs (Hemiptera: Miridae)"

June 2023 MSc student Jamie Ramirez just defended her masters thesis and has accepted a position in the PhD program at NAU! Congrats Jamie! 

March 2023 MSc student Tatiana Bush just defended her masters thesis and has accepted a position in the PhD program at WSU! Congrats Tatiana!

March 2022 Former PhD student Paul Masonick started as a post-doc on the Reduviidae project.

October 2021 After 18 months of mostly remote work, we are excited to be back in the lab!! Tatiana Bush is now a MSc student in the Entomology BS+MS program, and Jamie Ramirez is a senior undergrad and was just accepted into to Entomology BS+MS program as well. Welcome and welcome back!

April 2021 Weirauch Lab members created cool videos about assassin bugs and plant bugs for the Riverside Insect Fair. Thanks everyone!!

December 2019 Yisheng Zhao arrived for a 12-months visit in the lab to work on kissing bugs. Welcome!

December 2019 Paul Masonick defended his PhD! Congrats Paul!

December 2019 Dr. Wei Song Hwang visited to assist with the large phylogeny of Reduviidae.

December 2019 Dr. Dimitri Forero arrived for a 5 month Fulbright Fellowship to work on Apiomerus.

November 2019 Christiane and Sam travelled to Panama to collect and observe Reduviidae.

October 2019 Paul and Sam travelled to Cameroon to collect and observe Reduviidae.

August 2019 Fulbright scholar Flávio Albuquerque arrived for a 9 month fellowship in our lab. Welcome Flávio!

June 2019 Paul received the van den Bosch scholarship.

January 2019 Alex started as a post-doc on the Reduviidae project.

November 2018 Alex Knyshov defended his PhD! Congrats!

October 2018 Paul and Sam each made trips to visit the AMNH and USNM.

September 2018 Comparative morphology of male genitalic structures in Dipsocoromorpha in Journal of Morphology.

May 2018 Stephanie received an Honorable Mention from the Ford Grant. Congrats!

January 2018 Our publication describing a new species of Schizopteridae from Costa Rica, Meganannus lewisi was published!

November 2017 Most of the lab attended the annual meeting of the Entomological Society of America in Denver, CO.

October 2017 Christiane went on a 6 week trip to attend the Dresden meeting and collect in Borneo.

September 2017 First annual lab field trip, to Arizona! It was fun, but some got bitten by scorpions :))

August 2017 Sam Smith, a new PhD student working on Emesinae, arrives at UCR!

July 2017 Our lab gained 3 new members! Welcome Stephanie Castillo (our new PhD student), Nallely Centeno Armenta (our NICE NRT summer undergrad) and Sile Du (our 6 month visiting student from China)!

May 2017 Christiane was awarded the 2017 Doctoral Dissertation Advisor/Mentoring Award! Congrats Christiane!


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