Rochelle Hoey-Chamberlain

E-mail: rhoey001(at)

I am Assistant Specialist, working on a variety of projects but more specifically on the Dipsocoromorpha project. I graduated from UCR with my Master's degree in Entomology December 2012. For my thesis work I studied the biology, ecology, and behavior of velvety tree ants, Liometopum spp. I joined the Heteroptera Systematics Lab at UCR May 2013. I assist with many different tasks, including: image management and processing (including SEM and confocal microscopy), dissection of specimens, specimen curation and loan management, molecular procedures, and specimen databasing.

I am currently working on a molecular phylogeny of Hypselosomatinae (Dipsocoromorpha:Schizopteridae) and a taxonomic revision of the New World Hypselosomatinae.

I also have taxonomic experience with ants and attended The Ant Course organized by the California Academy of Sciences and the Museum of Comparative Zoology. I also have experience in insect pest control and worked for 4 years studying control tactics and pesticide efficacy on carpenter ants.


My CV can be viewed here.