Field Trips

Field Trips

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Madagascar. August 2019. C. Weirauch, J. Heraty. 

Cameroon. August 2019. S. Smith, P. Masonick.

Panama. November 2019. S. Smith, C. Weirauch.


Mexico. July 2017. C. Rosas, P. Masonick.

Arizona. September 2017. Weirauch Lab.

Sarawak. October 2017. C. Weirauch, W. S. Hwang.


Arizona and Texas. August 2015. C. Weirauch, J. Heraty. 


Costa Rica. October 2014. C. Weirauch, S. Leon, A. Knyshov.

British Columbia. September 2014. C. Weirauch, S. Leon.

Argentina. May 2014. C. Weirauch, J. Heraty, J. Mottern.


Cameroon. September 2013. C. Weirauch, M. Forthman, E. Gordon.

Trinidad. July 2013. C. Weirauch, J. Heraty, A. Baker.

Honduras. April-May 2013. C. Weirauch, M. Forthman, J. Mottern.

California. Summer 2013. Weirauch lab.

Lab in the field
California. Summer 2013. Weirauch lab.


South Korea. August 2012. C. Weirauch, M. Forthman, J. Heraty.

California. Some local collecting throughout the season.


Florida. July 2011. C. Weirauch, J. Heraty, J. Mottern, J. Woolley, A DalMolin.

Peru. November 2011. C. Weirauch and J. Heraty. 


Brunei and Singapore. June and July 2010. C. Weirauch, W.S. Hwang, J. Heraty, J. Mottern.

Costa Rica. August 2010. Biodiversity of True Bugs (Heteroptera). Instructors: C. Weirauch, R. T. Schuh, D. Forero. All graduate level lab members participated in this course.

French Guiana and Martinique. September 2010. C. Weirauch, L. Berniker, G. Zhang.

Colombia. October 2010. G. Zhang.

Peru. December 2010. C. Weirauch and J. Heraty.


California. The 2009 season has started!! Anza Borrego.

Baja California Norte. May 2009. C. Weirauch, L. Cervantes, C. Mayorga.

Mexico. July 2009. D. Forero, G. Zhang.

California, Sierra Foothills. July 2009. C. Weirauch, L. Berniker.

Texas and Arizona. August 2009. C. Weirauch, J. Heraty.

Ecuador. November-December 2009. D. Forero.


California Plant Bug collecting. March to June 2008. D. Soto, G. Zhang, W. Hwang, C. Weirauch.

California Kissing Bug Survey. June to September 2008. W. Hwang,G. Zhang, K. Risser, C. Weirauch.

Nigeria Wasp and Bug collecting. July 2008. J. Heraty, C. Weirauch, J. Mottern. Check out also what the Hymenopteran Systematics Lab thinks of the Nigerian adventure

Southern Arizona, New Mexico. August 2008. W. Hwang and students of the Heraty Lab (E. Murray, A. Ernst).

Arizona. September 2008. C. Weirauch.

Costa Rica. December 2008. C. Weirauch, D. Forero.


California bug collecting. May to July 2007. C. Weirauch

California Triatominae collecting. June-September 2007. D. Beasley, K. Risser, C. Weirauch.

Arizona, Santa Cruz & Pima Counties. August 2007. D. Soto (together with the Heraty lab)

Arizona. September 2007. D. Soto, G. Zhang, W. Hwang, C. Weirauch.




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