Systematics of Nannocoris Reuter

Systematics of Nannocoris Reuter

The genus Nannocoris Reuter currently comprises 12 described species from the New World. Distinguished from other Schizopteridae by the shape of the head that varies from slightly elongate to extremely elongate and pointed or - in one species - arrow-shaped, Nannocoris also stands out by the astounding variation in the length of the male vesica among species. Examination of the ~400 ethanol-preserved and ~140 dry specimens that we have assembled as part of the ARTS Litter Bug Project has revealed >20 undescribed species in this genus that considerably expand the currently known geographic distribution and morphological diversity of the group.

Sarah Frankenberg and Christy Hoong worked on a molecular phylogeny that was used to trace the evolution of head shape and exaggerated male genitalia in this group. 

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