Diagnosis and Specialized Morphology

Emesinae are sometimes referred to as thread-legged bugs. Species of this subfamily are characterized by:
1) elongate, slender body
2) thread-like legs
3) absence of fossula spongiosa
4) pretarsal claws of front legs often asymmetrical
5) foreacetabulum opens anteriorly


Taxonomic History

Wygodzinsky (1966) produced a monographic revision of the subfamily and recognized six tribes (86 genera): Collartidini, Leistarchini, Emesini, Ploiariini, Deliastini, and Metapterini. Wygodzinsky considered the Emesinae as the sister group of the Saicinae.


Natural History/Biology

Emesinae diversity is highest in the tropics and on Pacific islands (Schuh & Slater 1995).



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Wygodzinsky, P. 1966. A monograph of the Emesinae (Reduviidae, Hemiptera). Bull. Am. Mus. Nat. Hist. 133: 1-614.


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