Diagnosis and Specialized Morphology

Species of Phimophorinae are characterized by:

  1. aradid-like body that is covered with waxy secretions
  2. antennal segments thickened
  3. bucculae present
  4. 2nd labial segment much longer than segments 3 and 4 combined
  5. largely membranous forewings
  6. small 2-segmented tarsi
  7. prosternum with shield-like structures near the stridulatory groove


Taxonomic History

Taxonomic history of the subfamily is being reviewed.


Natural History/Biology

This subfamily is comprised of two genera (three species): Mendanocoris Miller (Solomon Islands and Malaya) and Phimophorus Bergroth (Neotropics) [Usinger & Wygodzinsky 1964, Schuh & Slater 1995]. Nothing is currently known of Phimophorinae life history.



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