Diagnosis and Specialized Morphology

The only species of Manangocorinae is characterized by:

  1. a short, globose head that barely projects anteriorly beyond the small compound eyes
  2. long spine on the scutellum
  3. forewing membrane with two cells
  4. 2-segmented tarsi
  5. absence of fossula spongiosa


Taxonomic History

This subfamily contains only one species described from Malaysia, Manangocoris horridus Miller. According to Schuh & Slater (1995), this taxon may not merit subfamily status. .


Natural History/Biology

Nothing is currently known of Manangocorinae life history.



Schuh, R.T., Slater, J.A. 1995. True Bugs of the World (Hemiptera: Heteroptera): Classification and Natural History. Comstock Pub. Associates, Ithaca. 336 pp.


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